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This week, the Mikes on Mics try to dive a little deeper into the meaning of the masks of the Wyatt Sicks and their overall intentions. Also, Cody has a different hill to climb in the form of the NEW Tribal Chief, Solo Sikoa. On Piledrivers In the Crypt, Daniel answers some more emails and tell the dark tale of a "real" vampire, Richard Chase. facebook.com/drivebypod drsquatch.com/MIKEMARKUS (10 Bucks off orders of 20 or more) Archives: Danielgrothe.us
  1. Behind The Mask Ep.339
  2. The Ant Hill Kids (Piledrivers In The Crypt W/Daniel Grothe)
  3. Night Court! Ep. 338
  4. 8 Legged Freaks (Piledrivers In The Crypt W/Daniel Grothe)
  5. Fireworks! Ep337
  6. Mothman (Piledrivers In The Crypt W/Daniel Grothe)
  7. The Show Within The Show! Ep. 336
  8. Arrival! Ep.335
  9. Castle Rock! Ep. 334
  10. Demon Night! Ep. 333
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